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Honoring New England mothers and families whose
sons and daughters made the ultimate sacrifice...

Board of Directors / Steering Committee

Chair:  Bill Trueheart  
Vice Chair:  Debbie Murphy  
Treasurer:  Jen Couture  
Secretary:  Elaine Gibson  


Anne Chouinard
Chris Forkey
Joyce Gardiner
Tom Gibson
Denise Gionet
Tony Goes
Diane Howd
Tony Howd
Eunice Kouveliotis
Sharon Preston

Non-Voting Board Members:  Betty Trueheart


Past Board Members:  Rep. Jeanine Notter
Bobby Broneske
Denise DeBlois
Connie Soucy
Armand Soucy
Rev. Edward Bastille
Frank Emiro
Shelby Russell
Robert Wilson
Richard Paris
Sue Peterson
Pam Coughlin
Will Wrobleski

The New Hampshire Gold Star Mothers Memorial Association
is an approved 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Public Charity

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